Pages for travel
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Pages for travel business

Hi! We are a German travel agency with years of experience and now we are offering new products for travel related businesses. There are web sites on our premium subdomain with all information you need. General page has features like:

  • Usefull information about related country, region or place
  • Your text, photos, videos, webforms, links and other media
  • Instagram widget (shows photos from your accaunt)
  • Youtube widget (shows your channel videos)
  • Facebook page widget
  • Facebook comments
  • Feedback form

We don`t say we bring you new customers in one week, but what we can say is that we will apply all our skills to make your business more visible in web. All pages are translated to our german website All our pages are seo friendly and will fit any device. Adding information is free. Backend is also presented.

One Price For All

To make an order, please consider with your domain name. For example, if you work in France, you can buy or domain name.


Base plan


one year
  • Any available premium domain
  • Filling your page on a turnkey basis
  • Images, videos etc.
  • FB, Instagram, Youtube widgets
  • Usefull related information
  • Support and editing included


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